Art Direction and E-Commerce Design for Jae Jewelry


Jae Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand that was born out of a family of fine jewelers for over 30 years. We worked closely with the emerging brand in order to understand why they exist and how to communicate their value by creating systems of expression that work across all touch points. Building on our brand strategy, we worked closely with Jae to craft a distinctive imprint that adapts for all online & offline conversations.

Quicker and easier to shop

We created a very clean aesthetic for the site and introduced powerful design elements to speed the browsing and checkout process. We simplified the product pages to make them clearer and easier to scan. A clear meganav provides easy access to collections — perfect for the shopper who knows what they’re looking for.

A mobile masterpiece

Large, clear, swipeable product images, with a simplified mobile navigation panel leans towards a smooth and slick mobile shopping experience. We were able to recreate the jewelry boutique look-and-feel yet still provide an optimised mobile experience.