Arte Botanica is Live on Squarespace

Arte Botanica came to us wanting a new website that was clean and easy to navigate. Arte Botanica is known for their pragmatic yet dramatic, ethereal, and earthy landscape designs and florals. From cottages in the Pacific Palisades to modern Malibu beach houses, their landscape designs are not just the main event at each home they cater to, but they’re what brings each dream to life. Taking cues from their luxurious style while staying true to the raw edges found in nature, we created a brand identity that transports like a travel memoir.

Favoring neutral greys and green, we built a completely refined brand, website, and multiple channels of collateral. We employed crisp typography drawn from calligraphy to express their unique blend of old world charm and modernism. We layer botanical illustration by Sarah Hankinson to create print collateral that feels organic and artful.