Our Ethos

We want to infuse a sense of fun into our websites. By practicing a seamless weave of technology, design, and strategy, we build brands that are simple and human. 

Our Approach

Our team has a keen eye for style and a skill for zeroing in on the most succinct way to visually capture a brand’s personality. Figuring out how to launch a business, design, and publish your website is a huge undertaking. We have heard story after story of people that have gone through a traditional design process and have experienced an expensive payment, months and months of work, endless emails back and forth, technical frustrations, and mixed communication associated with launching their brand. And after it's all said and done they can't even update their own website.

Let's change that. Our firm's strategic process feels less like being lost at sea and more like a Caribbean Cruise with your best friends: fun, affordable and invigorating. We get that your brand doesn't begin and end with your website. It's the confidence to stand out from the crowd, the excitement of knowing where you're going, and the strength to start doing the worked you've always dreamed. By blending elegant design and sophisticated engineering, Exhibea sets the standard for modern web design. Let's launch a dream website for your brand! 



Our Process



We'll start things off with our signature branding assignment where you'll share your vision + design aesthetic. Together, we'll gather inspiration and I'll create a mood board to inspire us and set the overall direction of the design.




Do you love the prospect of handing off all your ideas and inspiration to an expert designer to transform into a beautiful custom design that perfectly reflects your brand and business goals? We'll collaborate with you one-on-one to build a knockout website in no time flat.



Once the design is set, it's time for the most exciting part...installation and launch. (Cue the confetti!) We'll install the design and will send you tips & tricks to help you make the most of your amazing new site.