Fitness Guru Christine Khuri's Website is Live

Famed fitness guru and wellness expert, Christine Khuri, came with us with a very important task - she wanted a website where she can showcase and sell her instructional fitness videos that have over 5 million views worldwide!

We took on the task of creating a beautiful brand identity for Christine, who is an extremely influential and motivating force in the field of wellness. We used gorgeous emerald greens throughout the website with one of our all-time favorite custom typefaces to create a friendly yet sophisticated brand for Christine. We decided to go with Wordpress to build the website because we wanted a more robust SEO strategy. She is constantly googled and searched for, so it was important for us to have specific SEO terms pointing her fans in the right direction on the web. Her video page features lot's of bold colors - if you are looking to get in shape - this is the best resource. We also created and designed an e-book for her famous Detox that features her tips for the most rejuvenating detox with delicious and healthy recipes, that is available for purchase on the website. Drooling over the results! Congrats Christine, you are LIVE!